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Games Preservation: Are devices like the Intellivision Amico and the Evercade the key?

Hey all! Today I’d like to talk about the effects devices like the Evercade and the upcoming Intellivision Amico have on games preservation. Are devices like these the key to continuing the legacy of classic games that may have otherwise been lost to time by shedding light on them in different and interesting ways? Let’s take a closer look. Starting with the Evercade, this device seems tailor-made for the purpose of preserving video game history. The cartridge-based design lends itself to collectors for sure, with nicely designed packaging and well thought out and artful inserts inviting all to explore the games within. The team at Blaze Entertainment seem dedicated to evoking nostalgia as much as they are inviting everyone to explore games that they might not have played, or even have known about. How so? Well most of the collections that have been released so far, and many of the recently announced collections have unreleased titles within. A great way to shed light on games from man

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