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Hope and Joy

Hope and Joy These are the two emotions I relate to a bunch of things. Family, Friends, and all things retro gaming. It is these two emotions that I also associated with Intellivision on the announcement of the Amico.  Hope that they would be able to deliver an experience that I was looking for at the time, and still do. An experience that allowed me to look back at my childhood, and share that vision with my kids in a new way.  Joy when I was able to actually experience some of my favorite games growing up in that new way. Knowing that I would be able to share this joy with family and friends.  At the beginning, I was just a wide-eyed fan…looking forward to something that might be cool. As I heard more about the project, I wanted to join in the fun, and talk about this all with friends I found on the ride. The journey was, and continues to be paying dividends beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve met so many cool folks, and made new and lasting friendships. I was able to connect wit

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