Here sits my 60 GB PS3. Turned on, working, and most to read the hard drive so I can back up my data!!! A glorious day indeed! So, here's a word to all that may have experienced a power supply death on the 60, 20, 40, or 80 GIG models; If your power supply died, go to ebay, and buy a new one for 25 beans. Then, it's an easy install...1 screw to get into the top of the case, 7 screws to get in from the inner case, then two plugs, five screws to release the supply, and don't forget to take the tape that holds the black cable down so you don't pull it out of the solder! Then it's reassembly, and testing. If it turns on, yippie for you! Now BACK UP YOUR DATA! Then have fun! So thanks to the dude from ebay who sold me the power supply, and to my friend Ken who looked up a disassembly guide! Yea!


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