Team Intellivision “Astroblasts” their way into 2021!!

Hey all!

What an awesome way to kick off 2021! Tommy Tallarico and John Alvarado dropped by in a new vid from Intellivision Entertainment on 01/01/2021. The subject? Astrosmash, and a few other surprises!

In the vid, Tommy discusses some new updates to the game, and shows off some new graphics and audio updates. In this writer's humble opinion, this game is coming together quite nicely! Every time we see this one, it just keeps getting more polished. I’m super excited to getting my hands on it soon!

It was great to see the level progression, and that boss battle looks really neat! And man has that soundtrack continued to come together. Just awesome stuff, I can’t wait to see if we can get soundtracks for these games, I’m all in if so!!

There wasn’t just Astrosmash goodness to be had in the vid. Check this screen cap from right before the gameplay...

What’s that title right there? Hot Wheels Colossal Crash you say? Looks like Sideswipers has found a new name!! Maybe we’ll get another look at this soon!

We also saw a cold boot of the Amico, complete with animated running man load screens, and the now familiar Amico start up jingle. After this, there was some more of the UI, still described as a work in progress, but full of fun things to check out anyway. It seems like the games may be categorized by genre, or by alphabetical order. It’s possible that this is all customizable, but only time will tell.

I kinda like the bubbles, it gives me warm fuzzies thinking about my PS Vita, a system I really enjoyed. I always thought that that interface was easy to use, and someone else might be able to take it and run with it a little more. Hopefully we’ll see more of what Team Intellivision has in store real soon!

Want to check it out for yourself? The link to the vid is right here:

Well, that’s all for right now. I hope you all enjoyed the little news break, and keep an eye out for more coming soon! As it’s hard to get into the studio, I’m trying other ways of getting stuff to you while I wait!

 Thanks as always for checking this out, and hop in those comments!

Until next time!

- Retro Rich


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