Rich's Update: 11/25/2009 The Final Fantasy Playthrough Project Starts Now!

Hey all,

First thing's first. You've probably noticed that the titles of these posts have changed. Not to worry, it's not like someone has taken over the blog and is now running wild all over it. Well, maybe, but it'll be the same person that's been running wild on it since the beginning.

I've received some feedback, and have decided to make the blog a little easier to tell who is posting to it. I know that my name, Richard Heywood is directly to the right and that some people would correctly assume that Rich and Link are indeed the same person, some actually haven't made that connection yet. Maybe it's my fault. I've actually never given myself a "Link"-Like intro in a podcast or video, and don't introduce myself as Link in person either, so maybe it's best if I just stick to Rich. It is how people know me, and maybe it should stay that way.

As for the older posts, am I going to go back and change them all, making this note seem really weird for those who read it after it's done? Maybe. But for now, this note should do just fine.

Now on to the more important stuff, Rich going crazy and enacting his plan for Total Final Fantasy Glory by March 9th, 2010!

For people who haven't been listening to Bacon Ice Cream Sundae, a show you all SHOULD be listening to, (No,'s good stuff!) I went nuts during our 'Bite Sized Gaming' segment and made myself a challenge. Because the North American release date of Final Fantasy XIII has been announced as March 9, 2009, I've taken upon myself to play through all 12 Mainline Final Fantasy titles by then. I did give myself the ability to use all means necessary. So be sure that I will be hacking my way, literally, through all of these titles. If I can get through them all, I may actually throw in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest as a bonus.

Now originally, I wanted to play through these games in their most purest form. Get the cart, sit down at the NES, SNES, Playstation, and Playstation 2, and play them. Alas, this will not be the case, as my PS3 just died, and will have to divert a large chunk of my disposable income to replace it.

But fear not! The project is still an amazing go because I own not the pretty box arted original Final Fantasy I for the NES, I have this:

Final Fantasy Origins for the PSX!

I've tested some things out, and I have multiple machines on which to plow through these titles in the fastest and most challenging run through I've ever tried! Look for the LiveBlog to go up sometime before or on TurkeyDay '09 right here on Calling All Gamers, and yes, video live streaming will be included!

And now a moment of silence for my dead 60GB PS3....

It will be missed.

Ok, until next time!




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