Link's Update - 07/10/2009 - First Full Day of Dexcon 12 for Me...The Recap.

Hey all,

Well we fought the good fight against the internet. I think we lost the part at least that involved live coverage. But fear not! We're always up to something and will continue to try and mess with things and hopefully we'll have our live feed back up soon!

But other things to disscuss.

I PLAYED GAMES TODAY!! Well, one really, but I PLAYED.

What did I play? Well, none other than Primetime Adventures, a table top RPG from a member of the Indie Games Explosion that hangs here at Dexcon 12. It's a great game. The concept? It's simple really, however many people you can gather sit around at a table and make a TV show. You have a "GM" or Game Master that acts as a producer, and the other players make up the cast of a show concept that gets "pitched" right at the table. As soon as the players decide what they want to make as a show, they create the characters that will play in the show's world.

After that, the players literally play and act out the episode. Each player gets their own scene, in which they can move the plot along, and build thier character's background and current story.

The mechanics are simple enough, a deck of cards and some counters called "Fan Mail" are used to resolve conflict. Very easy for someone not used to playing table-top, to get into the system and play right away.

All in all, Primetime Adventures is an awesome game. This post is being continued over the course of about 24 hrs, so forgive me if it just kind of derailed there.

Now off to play more games!




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