Link's Update - 04/21/2009 - Back...with a vengance!!

Hey all,

And you thought I was sick, or worse!

Nope, I'm back, and wouldn't let this post be anything but something special!

As you no doubt have been told a bit ago, I have ordered the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray. As you also may know, there is an extra special disc included in the package, the demo for Final Fantasy XIII! There's only one little problem...'s all in Japanese.

But fear not! I have been searching the web, and have found some information that may help me out, and I figured, if it's going to help me, why not make something that will help you too! So I did, by gathering the info, and making a little guide to help those without the ability to read Japanese like myself.

But until I get the guide into it's final state, I'll be putting out two images tonight, and then a pdf of version one of the guide in tomorrow's post. See, I told you I was back with a vengeance!

So here are those images to enjoy, and I'll c'ya tomorrow!


(Special thanks go to the following sources: Kotaku, 1UP, and IGN)

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Translation Image #1:

Final Fantasy XIII Demo Translation Image #2:



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