Link's Update - 03/27/2009 - Another lazy day...

Hey all,

Just checking in with a little update. Still coughing, but feeling a little better.

Haven't yet gotten to play anything really. Again, but I am still dedicated to making sure I have myself check in here. What I'm hoping to play soon though is Indigo Prophecy, and then maybe finish Metal Gear Solid 4. (Yeah, I know, should have finished that forever ago, but you know, Vamp is really tough!)

Good to see that the other blogs are getting their content up, I'm having fun reading it myself, so be sure if you've got a free moment to check the main page at to see all the updates. So far, Diabolik has been posting on his blog about some TNA Wrestling action on his blog, as well as syndicating it on the Perfect Impact! blog. Colin should shortly be joining him over there with his own commentary. Who knows, by the time we get to go to the Pay-Per-View that's coming to our area next month, you might even see a post or two by me over on the Imapact! blog as well.

Well, that's about all I have for you right now...

Until next time...



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