Link's Update - 03/26/2009 - I Can't Shake It!

Hey all,

The title's right, just like Luke, I can't seem to shake this bug that's been hunting me down. It's become annoying to the point where I don't have the energy for much right now. Tomorrow I try to fight this beast of a flu, or cold, or whatever it is, and move on to bigger things, like reporting on a new title I picked up for the PS2!

PS2? Why would I grab anything for that system? Well, it's because very shortly Quantic Dream will release a new title for the PS3 called Heavy Rain, and I want to play their previous project, entitled Indigo Prophecy. I had previously picked this title up for the XBOX, but my 360 doesn't seem to like it very much. Boo hiss to that.

As soon as I get the chance and energy enough to play it, I'll report with my impressions, and and overall view on whether or not this project would leave any hints to what we might expect from Heavy Rain.

Now pardon me while I continue to cough up a lung.

Till next time...



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