Link's Update - 03/22/2009 - Sunday, Sunday, Sleepday!!

Hey all,

Just made it past the stretch of crazy work.

Now what's in store? Catch up on sleep, and then try an experiment...beat LOST: Via Domus in one sitting? Can I do it? The odds are in my favor, because I've read it can be done in between 5 to 8 hrs. But the real question is, will I have enough patience for it? Ah...that's one I don't know. We'll find out tomorrow though!

Also, coming in the next couple of days, I'll put up a new discussion board question (or two...) on our Facebook page, and will hopefully get to talk to Diabolik about it and get him in on the action too!

Well, that's for me now, I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard here. Until next time...



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