Link's Update - 03/15/2009 - More Street Fighting fun!

Hey all,

Played some more Street Fighter IV today. Decided to check out the challenges, knowing that this is how you can unlock some more stuff. I'm still deciding whether or not any of this is cool or not.

The time trial challenges are seeming to ramp up in difficulty rather quickly, even in normal mode. I'm only 5 deep in them, but I can feel the difficulty creeping up on me. I'm feeling it won't be long before I want to break a controller. I'll keep you guys posted as I play some more.

In other gaming news, I've also played through the short demo of Red Baron Arcade. Nostalgia just oozes out of this title. I remember playing this on my 386 when I was younger, and it feels just as fun now as it did then.

There's not too much going on here. You fly around, dogfight with WWI style fighter planes, take down dirigibles, and generally feel like a bad ass from the past. It all comes across nicely here. Even though I can expect this not to make too big of a splash on the PSN, I for one know that if you remember this game and had fun playing it, you should grab a copy because it'll be as good as you remember too.

Well, that's about all. Oh yeah, I did create a Facebook page today, so if you'd like to check that out, look up Richard Heywood and "Friend" me. Thanks in advance to all that do. Until next time...



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