Link's Update - 03/13/2009 - Link's friday gaming binge!

Hey all,

I finally got to play some more Killzone 2. about two or three mission segments to go on this one. (I'm on the cruiser, it that's what you're asking.) Still also really enjoying it. Especially when you get the fun toy at the end of intense battle. (No spoilers here, but you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. Nothing like making those Helgast scream!! And a few easy trophies in that section to boot! :0P)

Also, sorry to my bud Mac...I was entertaining company, or I would have totally joined up with you and the rest of SYK! (Maybe tomorrow night...)

Well, on to other things. I also picked up some demos on the PSN, those being Legends of Wrestlemania and Red Baron Arcade. I only got to play some L of W, so I'll talk about that next.

It seems that THQ has really gone and done it this time. They've created a game that caters to the mainstream audience and doesn't really do much for the hardcore wrestling game fan. (Well, except of course that it gives those guys the chance to recreate every awesome Wrestlemania moment, and even change the outcome of some of them if they'd like.)

The game is very simple. How simple? Well myself, I don't play many wrestling games at all, and I was playing 2 player against someone that has never played these games before ever, and we were both able to get down to performing real moves and pulling off finishers with a press of a couple buttons. It's kind of alluring to be able to just pick up and play this title.

It doesn't seem to have much depth though. Characters all have canned regular attacks, and then have specials that are genuine for the most part to each wrestler. Wrestling game fans might be put off by this, "It's not for me, it's for the casual crowd." approach. I will say though, it is fun to mess around and button mash a bit, only to then be rewarded by a cool move or finisher. In other games I've played, you all but have to dive into the manual to see how to do a easy suplex. This title seems to be alot more forgiving, but will one get tired of the ease of the controls, and the repetitive motions? We'll have to see when the game gets it's release.

The character models are OK, some are spot-on reproductions of your favorite wrestler, some look like they took a frying pan to your favorite wrestler's head. It's unfortunate that one of those characters is in this demo. (Sorry Andre, may you rest in peace, but they jacked your model up!)

So what's the bottom line on this? If you're a WWE superfan that wants a game you can just sit a mess around with every once in a while, then the demo is worth the download. If you could care less about Vince and Co., well, better off leaving this one at the PSN Store.

Hmm, I seem to be on a little bit of a roll here. But just when you thought I was about to end this post, there's still more gaming to talk about!

I played some Street Fighter IV as well. First I tried to unlock Gouken. I would like to say the following to whoever wrote the AI and ruleset for unlocking this particular character: What the eff is your problem?!?! It's way too difficult, even on very easy for anyone but someone who is that dedicated to the game to even get this. The closest I came was getting the 3 Ultra Finishes, (Which I actually wound up with 7 or so) the 3 or 4 Perfect round endings, and almost got all the way through without using continues or losing a round, only to have Seth cheese the crap out of me after Round One. I'm a moderately good player, and this guy just destroyed me in Round Two with cheese. Straight up. This cost me the unlock, and the time put in to play it 12 times or more. So my suggestion, patch it to make it a little easier so that others can get to unlock the character. I also think it's cheap that while online, your opponent can select their unlocked characters. Even if you don't have them unlocked, they can still be used against you. Not a very even playing field. It should be one or the other. Both able to select, or simply everything unlocked, or you can only select characters that both players have. Not having this in my opinion is a little strange for a company that's trying to make a super polished refinement of one of the greatest fighting games on all time.

Speaking of online, I stepped into the ring myself and...well...I don't want to talk about that. :0P Let's just say that I need some more practice.

My fingers are now hurting a little, so I'd better cut things off here.

Well, 'til next time... I'll catch you guys tomorrow night!



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