Link's University Pinball Pics #6

This is the big one.

University Pinball is the only place in over a 70 mile radius that has a SF4 Cabinet. I'm glad I live near Philadelphia!

Anyway, I got to play this amazing fighter, and you know what? It was totally worth the trip. Especially since it was only 50 cents a play.

They have to cabinets linked together for vs. play, so you're not all over your opponent, a good thing, cause it can get a little too cozy in there.

The game itself is so awesome, it feels like a super well tuned SF2, made all sorts of pretty and HD. The 3D character models are great, and the handling is smooth as silk. I can't wait to get this home on either of the HD consoles.

But for now, if you've got the time and you even remotely enjoy fighters, get over to University Pinball and throw some quarters into this cabinet!

Be back in a second to show a shot in action.


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