Link's Trip to University Pinball #2

Continuing on, I found this cabinet.

It's a import fighter from Japan called Melty Blood. I'm pretty sure something was lost in translation.

At any rate, besides being impossible for me to understand, it was pretty fun. I was able to complete the story mode on one play, (Which was only 50 cents BTW) and generally had fun playing it. I'd have another post about completing it, but it's accompanying picture didn't come out very well. If someone starts yelling about how they didn't believe me or something, I'll be sure to post it, and then invite them to be brought to school on this very cabinet. :0p Sorry, fighters make me amped, and a little feisty.

I'd have to say that I'd give this game a thumbs up to fans of a flashy, but not so serious fighter. But hey, it's only 50 cents, so how can you go wrong?

Stay tuned for more coming very soon!


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