Link's Update 10/01/08 - It's Link's Birthday!

Hey all!

So I wake up this morning, check some stuff out on the web, and low and behold I find out that's new website went live. What a cool way to start my birthday! A very special thanks goes out to Diabolik for making it happen!

So as the site says, we're changing things up around here. Very similar to the way I've been saying that these adjustments were coming on our podcasts, the Bacon Ice Cream main page will now be a hub for everything we're doing. With our newsline applet, you can look at any of the feeds you're into from us while also getting a snapshot of what the rest of us are doing. You can even click on any of our stories, and read them (or if it's an audio podcast LISTEN to them) without even browsing away from the main page!

We're really excited to have these new features and this fresh new look, so whether you frequent here or any of our other sites, welcome officially to the new Bacon Ice Cream!!


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