Link's Update 09/10/08 - A New Look!

/takes a look at the new banner/

Yeah, I suppose it'll do for now.

If you guys like it, or even if you don't, please feel free to comment on this or any other post!

/Moving Along.../

Well, today should be a good day for gaming! A day off, and a schedule set to play all the latest on the PSN and XBLA! (I'd play my WiiWare stuff today, but I'm saving it for the rest of the Bacon Ice Cream crew!) It's been a while and I'm going to skip everything I've missed during the hiatus of the show, but I should have quite a bit of playing ahead of me. And then, quite a bit of talking!

Truth be told, there was almost a cast yesterday. However, my laptop took a dirt-nap and I'm up the creek in terms of mobilty for a little while. But I'm WAY to amped for that to stop me!


Time for a little shut-eye before the epic gaming catch-up begins! C'ya all then!

-LinkYoungPS (XBL)
-LinkYoung_PS (PSN)


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