Calling All Gamers Podcast: Coming Soon!

It's Link Youngblood here, and I've come with a new show for you! Calling All Gamers is a no holds barred take on the video game world at large. It's myself, and anyone else who wants to join in the fray, telling it like it is, and calling it as seen! Not for the faint of heart, this show will be at times uncensored and out of control!! So strap in and listen up, Calling All Gamers is here!!

Edit -

And now for our new and improved blanket mission statement:

Calling All Gamers is a website and podcast devoted to all things PSN, XBLA, and maybe even WiiWare! Our mission is to bring to you honest opinions of all the stuff that shows up on these services and also to shed some light on an area of your console you might not know about! So jump in, and maybe we'll see you around the networks!


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